9999 (24K) — RM410.00 / gm
916 (22K) — RM395.00 RM375.00 / gm (RM20 off/gm)

AURIOUS current solid GOLD RATE

9999 (24K) — RM410.00 / gm

916 (22K) — RM395.00 RM375.00 / gm (RM20 off/gm)

Your Aurious piece deserves the same gentle care as you do

We want you to enjoy your Aurious jewellery for as long as possible. With the right care, your 916 (22K) solid gold piece will shine bright for many generations to come.

Follow our gold jewellery guide to maintain the longevity of your Aurious piece.

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As gold is soft, lustrous and malleable by nature, avoid wearing your Aurious piece during high-contact activities.

Do not expose your Aurious piece to chlorine, household cleaning agents or harsh chemicals as they can weaken the structure of gold, leading to brittleness.

Always wear your Aurious piece last––apply all makeup, hairspray, perfume or body creams before wearing gold jewellery.

Continuous wear of your Aurious piece can cause it to develop a patina.

Follow these simple steps to restore your gold jewellery’s shine.

  1. Soak your gold jewellery in a solution of 10 parts warm water and 2 parts dish soap for at least 3 hours.
  2. Scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush, then rinse under clean water.
  3. Dry completely with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  4. Polish with a jeweller’s polishing cloth. Do not use paper towels or tissue paper.

For gentle cleaning or sanitising, apply rubbing alcohol on your gold jewellery with a clean, lint-free cloth.

For the best care, it is recommended to have your Aurious piece professionally cleaned annually.

Ensure that your gold jewellery is clean and dry before storing.

Keep your Aurious piece in jewellery pouches. Alternatively, you may wrap your gold jewellery in a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Store each piece individually to avoid accidental scratches or tangles.